Farmer Logon Features

As part of the herd recording service, interactive analysis of herd test data is made available using this website through the "logon" section.

Farmer logon features

All farmers that herd record with TasHerd will be granted access to the logon component of the TasHerd website. Once logged on there is a wealth of useful information about your cows.
Contact Andrew Savage on 0417 334 472 for more information.

Shown below are a few previews on some of the features.


Lists contain data relevant to your herd. It is similar to an Excel layout. Lists can be filtered and exported as an Excel file. Lists support "drill down" for more detail.

Test Results Analysis

Latest Test Results can be analysed using interactive filters and drilldowns.

This is where you find which cows are performing well, or not. Clicking on a cow in the list provides a detailed 2, 5 or 10 year history for the selected cow.


Various charts are available to analyse cows against their test results using different metrics. Where applicable, charts are interactive to provide greater detail.

Pedigree Tree

A tree structure displays the pedigree for a cow going back through as many generations that are in the TasHerd database. Optionally, cow images can be displayed with the selected cow.

What If?

Based on the latest TasHerd test results, the Cow Removal Test allows you to select cows and have them hypothetically removed from the herd. You would typically use this to 'remove' high cell count cows to see the effect this might have on your factory payments. This recalculates the milk that went into the vat minus the cows you have selected.

The overall difference made to the milk in the vat is displayed.


Standard reports that have been available from TasHerd in the past are available to be run online.


SortaCow is the data transfer file used by herd recorders to enter the bottle number against the cow number when a test is done. For convenience, the SortaCow file can be downloaded from the website.

Once the test is complete, the SortaCow file can be uploaded to TasHerd from the website.

Save as Shortcu

If you find yourself using the same forms regularly, you can "Save as Shortcut" . This will create a shortcut icon on your home page. Clicking on the shortcut will take you directly to that form.

Mobile Phone Friendly

When logging on via a mobile phone, a different set of menu options and forms are displayed. This is to help with navigation and display.